…I think Helen’s greatest gift is her Authenticity: she doesn’t put her voice on (like make-up or a mask), it IS her. I feel she is also a performer-composer: someone who BECOMES the music that she is singing, because she contacts it on that deep a level. She has trained her voice to do anything she wants of it, and it is hard to think of anything she would outright refuse to do for a composer – unless it were physically damaging. It runs, jumps, skips, does ‘bel canto’ and ‘expressionist angst’, it sometimes sounds like it is hurling itself through fire. Her good humour, energy, and commitment are extraordinary. Her voice is acrobatic, finely-tuned, responsive and characterful.
– Michael Finnissy, January 2018

Helen Pridmore enjoys a career focused on contemporary scored music, experimental music and improvisation. She has performed as soloist and chamber musician across Canada and the US, and in Japan, the UK and Germany. With a special focus on new Canadian music, Helen has premiered many vocal works by Canadians; her two CDs Janet and …between the shore and the ships champion Canadian composers. Helen is also a teacher, a clinician and a writer.

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Photo by John MacDermid, ehtozed photography